7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Lucky for us, we live in an era where nothing can remain hidden for long. We have the power of internet and this power has given us the most meaningful means of communicating to our audience, we call it social media marketing or SMM.

You don’t have to be an expert to start marketing your newly established business. Keep this in mind that SMM is not for those running an on-the-web business. Anyone can market through this platform.

The reason for this is simple, we are more internet-fan than ever. You have a physical store, you can still use internet marketing. You don’t have a website, internet marketing adds value to your marketing strategy. Even if you don’t have a website, a web store or a real store, you can still use this marketing campaign to get started.

You’ll get plenty of tips on how to do social media marketing. And most of them will be effective. But not many will share the mistakes they made and learnt from it. A friend told me his story of social media marketing. He was a start-up. Made many mistakes, but finally learnt from his own mistakes and now he guide others to how to do internet marketing effectively.

He shared some social media marketing mistakes with me that became his strengths and I’m sharing it with you.

Not sharing with your own circle

Facebook Sharing

He was confused, where to start. Someone guided him to create a Facebook Company Page and also on other social networking websites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, add connections and advertise. Not a bad start, and he did it. But what he forgot, was one of the most important factors to get started. When you start a new business, what you’re going to do first? That’s right share with your own circle. He discussed with few of his closet fellows and with his family members but didn’t share it with his connections on Facebook.

Mo matter if you’ve few connections, spreading the news with the ones linked to you must be the first step. Share this great news on your own profile and when you have a Facebook company page and other accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, you must invite your network as well. Your own personal connections will help you better in marketing your business.

Your message isn’t clear

Unclear Message On Social Websites

For every business there should be a tag line. This helps the targeted audience remember you. Coming with a one business tag line is a bit harder, especially for those who are new to the business and working alone. But once you’ve it you don’t change it frequently. The tag line must go in-line with your business.

As my friend created his business page, he came up with a line. After few days he changed it, explaining it wasn’t good enough. Okay, it isn’t a big deal. But after few more days he again changed it. Now this shows that you’re not confident enough and you aren’t taking your business seriously.

The better to it is take time, think, ask for opinions and search the web for ideas. Don’t be in a rush. The tag line must be strong enough to make sense and easy to remember.

The content isn’t fresh

Old Social Media Content

Many businesses die because they don’t take their marketing strategy very seriously. Internet marketing isn’t like that you’ve a Facebook company page and other popular platforms, a few images or videos and connections, and then thinking that your work is done. And now it’s your audience who must come and help build your business. No this isn’t the right way. Keep posting new content. You can even post some other irrelevant content, not in-line with your business. But keep this mind that when posting other content you must have to keep few points in mind i.e.:

  • Infrequent
  • Not going against the terms and conditions of the platform on which you’re posting
  • Keep it safe and family-friendly

Let’s assume you’re an IT company. And it is your Facebook company page on which you’re posting. Now what type of content you can add?

  • Your services
  • Your clients
  • Relevant articles and blogs
  • Other relevant content which might include images, videos, quotes etc.

And this must be on regular basis.

Not following your audiences’ tracks

Ignoring Feedbacks

This is one of the most common mistakes that will leave you alone. I too have seen this and experience it. Your content is on the web or social media website. Your reader or potential client made a query and you didn’t respond. You just have lost not only that customer but many won’t ask or come back to you because you’ve failed to answer their query.

Never ignore your audience, no matter who stupid or repetitive their query is.

The better you engage with your client or potential clients, the more doors you open to lead them to your business.

Not learning from your enemies

Learn From Your Enemies

Your rivals or competitors aren’t literally your enemies. This is just a metaphor. Keep an eye on your competitors. What they’re doing to attract more business? Then don’t just follow them but make your research. What other ways you’ve to attract more business? What are the ways you can follow that your competitors have not being following?

Besides being traditional also make new ways. Be unique and creative. Marketing isn’t just limited to one pattern, you can also explore new routes.

Always afraid to make new investments

Make New Investments

When you’re in business, you’ll have to invest. Your investments will be higher in the beginning. You’re new, you need to make a position, you need to make yourself renowned among the audience. And for this you’ve to make investments. Even if you’re marketing on social media platforms, you need to invest.

One way to engage your audience is by videos. Make your own videos. Some inspirational, something unique, something that will make your target audience to come to you. Believe me, the benefits you’ll get will outnumber the cost of investment.

Social media marketing is just the only way

Marketing Strategies

You need to go larger. You need to target a vast audience and want quick results, you need to follow some traditional marketing ways as well. Think of all the traditional marketing ways you can follow to attract your targeted audience.

Traditional marketing strategy might sound costly and inappropriate for you. You don’t want it, don’t go for it but you have other ways to market on the web as well, besides having a Facebook company page. Banners and paid advertisements are one of the ways to spread information about you to a bigger audience.


This section is for me. Please share if you agree or not with all the above internet marketing strategies I provided. If you’ve suggestions, please share. And if you want to criticize, don’t hesitate. I’m not an expert and I believe in learning, always.

One more advice, when you’re new to social media marketing or SMM, you must consult some experts’ help. This will make your way more smooth and easy-going.


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