3 Things to Consider When Outsourcing an Internet Marketing Company

Every business requires to market itself. Be it small to large sized, without marketing they will walk among the cattle of white sheep and no one will ever recognize them. Marketing is the backbone of any business.

With so many channels to market your business, you need to utilize all that matters for your business. Internet marketing or social media marketing or online marketing is among the new and effective modes to market any business. Whether you are an online business or not, internet marketing is one channel to reach a much wider audience.

Internet marketing is quite easy, cheap and effective ways to reach the big world out there. Even a non-technical person can do it. But you need to cater one important factor into consideration i.e. you must not sacrifice your own job or business.

If you will not do it yourself, outsourcing an internet marketing company could be the best way for you. These companies have professionals, who are well aware of methods and plans to market your business in the web. Before hiring any internet marketing company, you need to make sure that this is the right company for you and your business. And for this you will need some answers.

There are few questions and ways, by using which you can satisfy yourself. Here are some of the basic things you can use to get started:

Check out their website

The company under consideration must have their own website. Visit their website. Does it appear good? Search them, using some relevant keywords. Where do they stand?

When they are in internet marketing business, they will be a fair job with their own business as well. They will be on popular social networking websites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter etc. If they are doing a great job for their own business, they can do the same for their clients.

Move to next step.

Who are their clients?

Great businesses will have great clients. And great clients will have great partners. If you are looking for one such company, you will be pleased to know that you landed a great website.

If they have not added their prospect clients, look for their quality work done. They might have some projects to display.

If they do not have any, you can ask them about their previous projects or clients. And if they are reluctant to share this key information, you better find another internet marketing services company.

For how long they have been in business?

The longer they have been in business, the better they will be performing. Know them, for how long they have been in business. But do not just go with time flow but look for their past projects as well.

You can also ask more till you are satisfied. Do not be hasty. It is your business and you are going to spend on it. Inquire as much as you would like to.

Hunt for the best internet marketing services company, best for you and your business.


What To Ask From A Web Development Company, Before You Hire them?

When you need a new website or need a new design, you need to outsource a web development company. This sounds easy. But is hard to follow. You need to get answers to many questions juggling your mind. And many will confuse you by advising too many ideas. But what you need to get started is just answers to few basic questions.

Today, I’ve shared some very common questions you must ask a web development company to start working on your website.

Will you do it yourself or forward it to some external body?

If they say “we hire freelancers or a third party to develop clients’ website”, you then don’t need them. It is just a burden on your head. You can hire a freelancer yourself. I’m not against freelancers but outsourcing your project to freelancers is just unreliable. And as for the second part, you’re already looking for a web development company, who could help you with your website.

So it is better to say bye-bye to these outsourcing services companies and look for another web developments company.

How much potential your company has to deal with your web development project?

This simply means to ask that company if they’ve enough workforce to work on your website. And don’t just rely on their words but visit them and have a peek into their team.

Many new or small sized organizations promise that they’ve enough employees to deal with your assignment. But as you outsource them, you then find yourself in a vortex of troubles. Your work keeps on delaying and the deadline never comes to the scene.

So to avoid any troubles like this, you must make sure that they have enough staff to work on your project.

So, how long you’ve been in business?

If you’re a risk taker, you can hire a new company. But if you can’t afford any risk, you don’t need to touch the new ones. Find a website development company already in the scene. Visit their website or ask for their projects. If it has been long since their appearance, they would have a strong portfolio and they’ll be smart enough to show it on their own website.

Still you need to ask this question and inquire in detail to satisfy your restless soul.

Have you worked on such a project as ours?

This is purely a question related to you. And you must have to make sure that the company under consideration has the potential to work on projects like yours. Even if they haven’t worked on projects as yours, if they have the potential, you can go with them.

What content management system you use?

WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, these are the three very common, renowned and widely use open-source content management systems (CMS). Each has its own benefit and use. Once you have a website or blog developed in a CMS, you can update the content later on yourself and save your cost of outsourcing a development company, again.

Although, all three of these are popular, but WordPress is the most used CMS among the three. WordPress is easy to use, even a non-technical can start using this. What CMS best serves your website, must be found out. Do a little research yourself before outsourcing WordPress developing company.

Do you provide a responsive website?

With more than 40% traffic coming from mobile users, it’s now imperative for any website to be responsive. A responsive design is one that fits-in all major browsers and devices, avoiding the unnecessary use of designs for different devices.

A responsive design might cost more than an ordinary website design, but if you compare the benefits you’ll get from a responsive website design, you’ll come to realize that it’s far better to have responsive website. Traffic will generate more, leading to sales generation and no need to have multiple designs for different devices. Plus, a responsive design is best considered under the hood of SEO.

What other services do you offer?

If you’re satisfied with them, do ask for additional services. You don’t only need a website, but you need to market it. You need SEO services, you need web content writing services, you need social media marketing services and perhaps you’ll also need some web application development services. If they suit your web development services, this doesn’t ensure that they’ll also suit in other web services. But it doesn’t hurt anyone of making some relevant queries.

Either you don’t want further services from them, you do need SEO, web content writing and internet marketing services.

How much will it cost?

For some cost is the major concern, while others go for the quality. You might get a low-cost web service, but then it’s most likely that you’ll have to compromise on the quality. And this you don’t want. Do ask and bargain, but don’t make this your number one priority. Having a website is like setting up your new business. You’ll have to bear some expenses or even have to make some losses in the beginning, but as the time passes and when you’re fair with your website, you’ll start generating business and you’ll be getting more than you expected.

Why ask too many questions?

Like I said, a website is like starting a new business. And when you’re going to start anything new, you’ll have to look at many things. Time to set up, the cost required, expertise you need, your goals and objectives. All these constitute in becoming the base of these questions. And don’t think that the web development company will feel bad about all these questions. It’s you who’s at stake and you have the right to get answers to all the doubts.

Be smart, be a pro and get a website worthy to stand among your competitors.