Seven Common Bloopers Committed By Drupal Developers

imagesDrupal development has become a very important tool for building prodigious websites. Use if the important considering the significance of Drupal, web development companies spent a huge amount of thought process while hire hiring a Drupal developer.  This is because of the fact that if you have hired an inexperienced Drupal developer, it will cost the company with great losses.

Here is the list of blunders by developers which must be avoid by Drupal developers.

  1. They apply custom coding for every procedure: developers need to understand that coding is not the solution for every problem. Time tested solutions should be applied instead of experimenting with coding every time.  Drupal offers a range of solutions for different prospects as they have variety of modules summing up the processes and most importantly they are bug tested to ensure error free work without any delay. Therefore, instead of going for coding as your only source of troubleshoot, better go for downloaded modules to complete the process as it can save plenty of time and resources.
  2. Utilize the Drupal cache properly: proper cache configuration is crucial to the entire development process and companies do consider that aspect while hiring a Drupal developer. This is because if an inexperience developer is hired which performs the configuration task improperly, it will result in increased loading time for the website which is not at all an option for the developers. For that matter there are a plenty of modules available which can be utilized by an experienced developer to enhance the performance of the cache system.
  3. They didn’t pay much attention to the instruction manual: while downloading the modules, companies provide an instruction manual alongside to make the developer’s job easy. However, developers must look at the instruction manual carefully, if avoided, can result in unwanted complications.
  4. No backup system: To ensure the website back up system would be the priority of any professional developer. This is because the module download is quite a husky task which involves the possibilities of myriad mistakes, bugs and errors. In case of any delinquent a backup system will help you to restore the system to the previous standpoint.
  5. SEO: Develop a site without considering the SEO requirement is the biggest mistake a Drupal developer can commit. Whatever the crux of the structure is, the success of a website is measured but the effectiveness on search engines ranking. That’s why it is important to develop a site which at maximum SEO friendly to ensure flying ranking on Search engines.

Things that can ruin your web design


Web designing is getting complicated with the advancement of technology and web designing services need to be more responsible while planning out their web development strategy. Websites need to be more concerned given the due importance of it for online business in particular.

Web design says lot more about our website than we may think.  A well designed website will heighten the best part of your business and low quality design will degrade even its best features. Keeping in view the importance of web design, make sure you don’t commit these mistakes.

 It should be user centric: ultimate purpose of a website is to cater the user on the web page, facilitate them with required knowledge and ultimately increase the conversion rate. Therefore, your consumer should be the center focus of your website. However, when obsessively make it product centric, we commit a huge mistake. If your product is no well explained and user didn’t’ get an understanding of complicated functions he‘ll move onto other substitutes.

 It takes too long to load: one of the major factor to determine the fate of a website is the loading time it takes. Days of dial up internet are gone, this is the age of broadband internet where swiftness is the key. As a survey suggest, around 45 percent of the web users will navigate away from a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Such issues usually occurs when heavy images are placed on the website.  Several tools are available which can be used to resolve the matter.

Advertisement, Advertisement and Advertisement: excessive advertisements are the most irritating part of a website. It’s true that websites rely on ads to generate revenues. However, ads popping out every now and them are the worst nightmares of web users as they completely distract them from what they were they up to.  These meddling ads can affect the user experience and your website overall.

Your content is not properly split up into small parts: onsite content is very important and if it’s not properly laid down it can reduce the onsite visits. In the fast paced times of ours no one really care about the chunk of words you gather at one space. Therefore, web designing services should Split up their content into small parts to make it look attractive and easy to go down.  Proper bullets and listing will make your content readable and results in a happy guest.




4 Requisite Skills of Every Content Writer


The place where a prospect is first introduced to your business and your product or service is your website. Your content can make or break that first impression. Content can be proved as your brand advocate and with the fresh content you may promote business. Content should be compelling that convince and adapts desired prospects. Sometimes you have to increase sale through content all you need to write what directly persuades your target market to buy your product. professional content writers make it sure that their content can be easily indexed by search engines. Here I will tell you 4 essential skills that every content writer must have mastered and companies look for these skills while hiring a content marketing advocate.

Be fervent in Writing: an ideal content writer has the power to get into the mind of his customer and knows well about the key motivators. You should have a passion for writing, plus adequate interest in research. Art of crafting the captivating punchlines or captions for your project. The ability to avoid content mistakes that cost valuable conversions is an important skill to have. A good copywriter is one who can recognize and speak to the key motivators. A content writer needs to have the language skills to write error-free copy because the copy that contains a lot of grammatical errors gets promptly pulled out by the Panda filter as spam. It protects your professional site to look sloppy.

Plans for Social Media and Community Building Skills: social media and Web content writing these days go hand-in-hand and a content writer who knows how to incorporate social media into his content marketing mix is important. But the writer should know how to do that. Write such engaging and gripping content that compels your audience to share it with their networks, Engage prospects and customers choice so they come back for more, contribute, sign up for that eBook or webinar, Encourage a discussion and form a community with lots of interaction in the form of comments, tweets, email feedback.

The familiarity of Analytics: An important indicator of your content that how well it’s been received that is your site metrics. Your metrics will inform you of everything content related like your content popularity and how much further it’s been shared. You would get to know your content’s value. Moreover Search terms that are most popular should be in your notice. Page views and bounce rate for your top content which content is ranking well and driving traffic through search engines, Good content writers know how to interpret site metrics.

SEO Copywriting Techniques: If your content is not simply searchable. With Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, you would probably want to expel it from the online world! It’s important to know either your writings are working or not.  Detailed SEO knowledge is required for an ideal content writer and he must be well-informed about future SEO trends. Search engine optimization is a rapidly evolving field. SEO content writer should have this idea that creating fresh content that search engines haven’t indexed before will be more valued. Research actual long-tail as well as head keywords and synonyms. Metadata knowledge is essential to have so he would know that why each page holds the appropriate title, description and keywords. Should be aware of SEO tools that enhance rankings.