How to answer back to Boss Warnings

piccola ma capoIt’s quite upsetting and uncomfortable for an employee when he receives a warning mail from his boss. But handling this situation completely depends on the seriousness of that warning. Whether he filed a right warning or not you need to realize it on the first place then think how your response will change his opinion of you. It’s a crucial period, but inhale a deep breathe, consider all the possible aspects of play and respond in a professional manner. An important thing, don’t act immaturely, it can be a big threat to your integrity and job.

Step 1

What issues your bosses picked, without reacting Pay attention. If he gives you a written warning, read it cautiously though it’s hard. Keep your emotions in check and act professionally. Hold your response for a while and think seriously that what issues he has raised against you. If your boss makes it mandatory for you to sign a copy of the written warning, sign your name and the date and write “acknowledge receipt” to imitate that you only accept that you received the admonishment, not that you accept it as permissible.

Step 2

For knowing your rights and responsibilities, evaluate the company’s policies about employee warnings. If the warning is valid then you must respond straightforwardly, admitting that you will improve your performance and behavior which encouraged the warning against you. For instance, it happens with the web designing team. Commonly, web designers get sulky when they ask to bring changes in design. It’s kind of frustrating. Other than that, you will probably receive warnings if you are coming late at the office. Then make sure to come on time or if you are violating official policies it can be a serious matter.

Step 3

Ask for a meeting with your boss to talk about the warning. Explain your position calmly and sensibly. Avoid blaming others for no reason, moreover don’t or make unnecessary excuses, even if the warning is biased. Remain polite professional, irrespective of his feedback. He may agree to hear your justifications or even concede your point of view. Even if he doesn’t, but still, don’t further endanger your situation by showing anger or disregard.

Step 4

Ask him what are you required to do. Then make all efforts so change your conduct. Make sure that you will no longer repeat your mistakes.


Expand user engagement through visually appealing content

Blog Plan

As time has changed and in today’s fast paced environment, it’s relatively challenging to keep in client’s focus. Probably your clients will sift swiftly if you are not updating quality content on the web in a visually- appealing manner. all customers will not feel hesitate to move on to other interesting content. In fact, the normal focusing span has been reduced to 8 seconds, which is less than that of a goldfish. So avail the offshore website designing services for increasing visitors.

We need to learn that what ways can be successfully adopted by the content marketers to engage their audience. List posts can be an appreciated strategy as they continue to perform remarkably well for user engagement, social sharing and lead generation is equally important. Research shows that numbers in list posts are more effective for organic traffic and also make it more likely the post will go viral. While the value of list posts is clear, content marketers still need to develop a strategy. Here are some supportive tips and tricks when crafting your next list post.

F-Shaped Outline: Marketers should include impactful and engaging information in the first two list items because users usually read Web content in an F-shaped pattern. As a result, the “keynote” of the post will be in the viewers’ lines of sight, right away taking hold of their attentions. Also include snappy subheads, paragraphs, bullets and phrases. Additionally, it’s imperative to bold and underline the important messages the audience should walk away with.

Brief, Comprehensive or Mixture: It’s all depend on the content that whether you’re blog post should hold brief, detailed or mix lists. The bullets are generally brief statements with short descriptions but strong impact. Every bullet point have a hyperlink to a new source. Each bullet is a complete thought with a detailed list. Brief lists can be extended than posts with lengthy descriptions. These lists put emphasis on the description, so the post is typically shorter usually with less bullet points. Intricate information can be communicated successfully to the audience through these comprehensive lists. Finally, combination lists are a blend of brief and detailed lists, usually containing descriptions as paragraphs in between the actual lists.

Styling Tips: pay attention in your next list post, here are the following recommended style tips:

  • Maintain quality in every bullet and avoid adding unnecessary bullets.
  • Unify long lists into categories that are broken up by subhead.
  • Leave your list 90 percent complete and call your readers to action, asking them to share their own ideas in the comments box.

Boost up:  

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